We are
Bente Faust & Hobbi Siewert


"We love music and we love to work with musicians on their songs. We offer you a space with great vibes, perfect for creative work“.

„Wir lieben Musik und wir lieben es mit Musikern und Musikerinnen an ihren Songs zu arbeiten. Wir bieten Dir ein Umfeld und einen Ort mit guten Vibes, der ideal fürs kreative Arbeiten geeignet ist."
I am Bente Faust, 43 years old, music producer, engineer and songwriter for more then 15 years based in Hamburg in my own studio: Off ya tree Studio mainly independent artist, rock, folk, singer songwriter, hip hop and electronic music. I also do songs for films, theatre plays or commercials I worked with artist like: die Ärzte, Samy Deluxe, Monsters of Liedermaching, Sam Ragga Band, Torfrock, Wolfgang Müller, der Fall Böse, International artist: Marshall Titus (Chicago), Ragga Gröndal (Island), Seanie T (UK) Bill Drummond (KLF from UK), Joelistics (Australia), 0093 (Afghanistan) refugees, Oded Kafri (Israel) use a lot of analogue stuff in production: Studer desk, Otari tape machine, analogue outboard. Germany album charts 18 (Monsters of Liedermaching), top ten single charts mexiko, Awards: Liederbestenliste 4 times, 3x Preis der Deutschen SchallplattenKritik (Strom & Wasser).I worked also for Public Propaganda (DJ Promotion), as a journalist Bunker Magazin (HH Fanzine) Szene Hamburg, founded two Labels (Bastard Records, Off Ya Tree Records) studied music science in HH. 2013 I joines the Mix with Masters Session in France with Tchad Blake.

Horst Siewert, aka Blank Fontana, 5 years on tour in Italiy, 1985 construction of a studio, music engineer, producer and songwriter. Since 1995 construction of the M.O.B Studiohouse with two studios, 3 production suites und label/merchandising facilities. Recordings among others: Abwärts, Ärzte, Fatih Akin soundtracks, Andrew Eldridge, Die Erde, various productions with the label Gran Hotel van Cleef, Jan Eisfeld, John Ellis, KMFDM, Nationalgalerie, Ninios con bombas, Rocko Schamoni, Sam Ragga Band, Slime, Thomas D. After the sale of the Studiohouse in late 2016, I built a house of clay on my olive/wine farm in Abruzzo/central east Italy with a wine cellar, an analog recording launch-suite and two apartments. Why clay you might ask: the energy in a clay-timber-straw space is incomparable, the acoustics, temperature and humidity is ideal. Why Abruzzo? Abruzzo has been spared from tourism, no TUI places and overcrowded beaches also in high seasons. Pure Italy at its best!